Rooms for rent

if you just want to rent 1 or 2 rooms and you do not mind to have other flat mates from different countries , Please see the list below of rooms!

each room cost between 200 and 275 euro depending on the room and how long you will stay there!

All rooms are in bigger flat with other international students located in the city center (best location to live)

for more information please message me on WhatsApp: +36306516302

here is the list of all rooms:


4 free rooms in the 6 bedrooms flat in ferenc korut

5 free rooms in the 6 bedrooms flat near to Blaha lujza ter

3 free rooms in the 5 bedrooms in ferenc korut

4 free private rooms in Vaci utca (5 bedrooms)

2 cheap free room in a 5 bedrooms apartment in kalvin ter

1 free rooms in the 2 bedrooms flat in lonyay utca

1 small room free in a 4 bedrooms apartment in wesselenyi utca

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